Around The World Single Bed Set

This dreamy girls bedding is perfect for a free spirit and adventurer.  Let their imagination soar!

Kukunest bedding is soft, 200 thread count cotton percale and is made to Öko-tex environmental standards.   Öko-Tex is a European certification process which ensures that certified textiles do not contain chemicals harmful to human health.  It's good for the environment and for your child, too.

Single Bed Duvet and Pillow Case Set 

Duvet - 210cm x 140cm, Pillow - 73cm x 53cm including flange (fits Junior Pillows)

About Kukunest

Kukunest came from a dream to create extraordinary designs for children's spaces. The designers are parents of young children they are constantly awed by their sense of wonder and spirit of adventure. They believe that their living environment should be a reflection of their boundless creativity. Guided by this philosophy, they set out to create a line of children's bedding embodying a contemporary aesthetic that is visually arresting, colourful and eclectic and above all, meant to fuel children's imaginations.  All the products are Öko-Tex certified, a European standard that was created to ensure no negative effects from the manufacture or use of certified textile products. 

Why Öko-Tex?

Stories of dangerously high levels of lead in children’s toys are dominating the news and causing widespread concern among parents.  But sadly, lead and other toxic chemicals can be found in bedding as well.  Toxic chemicals can enter the body through skin contact and inhalation, two processes that take place for 8 or more hours during sleep.
Öko-Tex is a textile certification standard developed in Europe during the 1990s in response to dangerously high levels of toxic chemicals found in consumer bedding.  The goals of the Öko-tex standard are simple: ensure that 100 of the most common harmful chemicals either are not present in the fabric, or at ultra low levels that European scientists have determined to be negligible to human health.  Chemicals tested for include: lead, mercury, pesticides, phthalates, flame retardants, plus many others. 

Product Care

Because Kukunest bedding is made with special dyes that do not sit on the fabric, colours will not fade or wear over time.

Care Instructions - Machine wash cold with like colours, use non-chlorine bleach if necessary, tumble dry low, and remove promptly from dryer.


These products are not plastic wrapped by our manufacturer as is typically found in consumer product packaging.  We use minimal packaging composed of recycled paper or reusable materials.