Heat Pack Animals - Hippo

Heat Pack Animals - Hippo

The Cozy Collection includes a gorgeous range of fully microwaveable plush animals. Each animal is lovingly filled with 100% natural wheat and gently scented with dried lavender.

After just 2 minutes in the microwave, they heat up to release a wonderfully warm, calming aroma. Lavender has been used as an aid to sleep and relaxation since Roman times, and only the very best lavender can be found in each animal of The Cozy Collection.

The whole collection can be microwaved thousands of times, with each heating providing hours of relaxing warm and soothing comfort.

Simply warm the entire animal in the microwave for just 2 minutes to enjoy the soothing aroma and hours of warm comfort; perfect for a therapeutic night's sleep. Cozy Plush animals make getting the little ones off to bed a breeze. Children love snuggling up to a warm buddy on a cold night, and with the added calming aroma of lavender, it is not long before they are sound asleep.

Even adults can share the therapeutic benefits of these cute animals. They are excellent for relieving tired, aching joints.

They can also be frozen to use as an icepack!  Just place inside a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for 2 hours.