My Music Box - MP3 Player with USB $39.95

BabyZoo My Music Box
MP3 player with USB Stick

Tired of pulling the string of your musical toy every 30 seconds?
Want to offer your baby better music quality, but don’t want to leave your iPod in the baby’s bedroom?
Finally, BabyZoo is introducing the perfect product to create a magical bedtime atmosphere: Coco, MP3 Music Box. The world’s first digital music player especially developed for babies and young children.
Whether you want to sooth your baby to sleep, or play bed-time stories for your toddler, Coco can do it all.
Best of all, the music box has a built-in timer so it automatically shuts-off. But, the child itself can also turn it on again by using the easy-to-use play button.
Coco’s cool and funky design makes the product appealing for both grown-ups and little ones.
  • - A high quality speaker plays MP3 music files from any USB flash drive
  • - An optional nightlight turns on when the music plays
  • - A timer function can be set for 10min, 30min or continuous
  • - A volume safety button sets the volume to a safe maximum
  • - A rechargeable battery as well as an AC/DC Adapter is included