Sleep Trainer Clocks - Green


Early wake up calls in your house? Looking after toddlers is exhausting enough without getting up at 5am every day. If this happens in your house, teach your toddler to sleep in with a MoMo the Monkey Sleep Trainer Clock. Parents can set the clock to show their

toddler when to get out of bed. MoMo opens his eyes at wake-up time and plays a gentle early morning jungle tune. "Eyes open - time to get up, eyes closed stay in bed!"

Analogue as well as digital clock, Wake up to cool jungle sounds and eyes open, Volume adjustment, Temporary night light, Glow in the dark clock hands.  Available in Pink or Green.  

"I purchased one of these for my daughter who is 2 and she adores it! It gets her to go to sleep every night "Look Momo is asleep its your bed time too" and it keeps her in bed sometimes, and the days she gets up we say "Is Momo awake? Go and see and if he is not wait in your bed" The 5am wake ups are now 6.45 and still improving!!"

Please Note:

All though he looks cute, MoMo is NOT a toy and should be kept out of reach of children.

Our Baby Zoo Sleep Trainer Clocks require x3 High Quality Alkaline Batteries to Operate properly. Brands such as Energizer or Duracell should be used. Supermarket house branded batteries are not good batteries. Please insert them firmly into the base as all three batteries need to make a good connection for MoMo to work correctly.

If the Eyes of the Monkey dont open and close when you press the Alarm on/off button but the two clocks are still operating it is probably a battery problem (check they are inserted correctly).  The digital and anologue clocks will operate with x1 good battery but the eyes require three good batteries to operate.